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May a veteran pay off a VA-Guaranteed Home Loan before it becomes due?
Yes, A VA-Guaranteed Home Loan may be partially or fully paid at any time without penalty. Consult your lender.

May the maturity on a VA-Guaranteed Home Loan be extended to reduce the monthly payments?
Yes, provided the veteran and the lender want to extend it and the extension provides for complete repayment of the loan within the maximum period permitted for loans of its type.

If a veteran dies before the loan is paid off, will the VA guaranty pay off the balance of the loan?
No. The surviving spouse or other co-borrower must continue to make the payments. If there is no co-borrower, the loan becomes the obligation of the veteran's estate. Protection against this may be obtained through mortgage life insurance, which must be purchased from private insurance sources.

Does having a VA-Guaranteed Home Loan limit a veteran's right or ability to sell the property?
No. A veteran may sell the peoperty to a veteran or non-veteran at any time. However, if the loan was closed after March 1, 1988 and it will be assumed, the qualifications of the assumer must be reviewed and approved by the lender or VA.

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